Since the publication of the VN Futures Report and Action Plan in July 2016, a series of working groups has been set up to address the recommended actions. The membership of these groups is as follows:

Workforce group:
Fiona Andrew (Chair)
Nimisha Patel (BVNA)
Helen Farrant
Matthew Rendle (VNC)
Stuart Ford-Fennah
Niall Connell (VNC)
Simon Johnson (SVN)
Marie Rippingale (VNC)
Claire O’Leary (Project manager)

VN Schools Council:
Mary Fraser (Chair)
Leslie Heaton-Smith
Martin Barrow (CQ)
Samantha Morgan (BVNA)
Hilary Orpet (VNC)
Laura Kidd
Victoria Bowes
Susan Hooper
Julie Dugmore (Project manager)

Post registration Group:
Dot Crieghton (Chair)
Vicky Ford-Fennah
Sue Gregory
Nicola Ackerman
Amy Martin
Matthew Rendle (VNC)
Barbara Cooper
Sue Howarth (VNEC)
Lily Lipman (Project Manager)

Career progression group:
Renay Rickard (Chair – VPMA)
Stephanie Writer-Davies (SPVS)
Helen Russell
Jane Davidson
Huw Stacey (Vet Futures)
Peter Robinson (VNC)
Dominic Dyer (VNC)
Belinda Andrews-Jones
Julie Dugmore/Clair O’Leary (Project managers)

One health:
Helen Ballantyne (Chair)
Louise O’Dwyer
Hayley Kilbane
Andrea Jeffrey (VNC)
Sue Proctor (VNC)
Wendt Preston (RCN)
Becky Jones
Lily Lipman (Project manager)

Increase TPs:
Liz Cox (Chair – RVN)
Leslie Heaton-Smith
Jen Clark
Samantha Morgan (BVNA)
Jane Smallwood
Stephanie Writer-Davies (SPVS)
Lucy Bellwood (VNC)
Megan Knowles-Bacon (RCVS PSS)
Julie Dugmore (Project manager)