What role might patient safety play in the veterinary profession?

Mark Turner graduated from Liverpool Veterinary School in 1996. His career has included spells as a veterinary surgeon and as a business owner. During this period he has developed an interest in patient safety and a profound belief that risk management properly implemented can improve many aspects of care…

At the beginning of the new millennia, the report into the Bristol heart scandal was published (Department of Health, 2001). It established why the mortality rate after paediatric cardiac surgery (PCS) at Bristol hospital was twice the national average. In many respects it can now be seen as an important turning point in the history of the NHS…

Should vets be as comfortable reading balance sheets as blood results?

Nazrene Moosa qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 1988. She has been in small animal practice ever since – first in South Africa and, for the last 18 years, in the South East of the UK…

When I first arrived in the UK almost 20 years ago, there were major changes afoot in the profession. My first job was in a corporate practice in Portsmouth, and I have some fond memories of being at the forefront of this new trend…

Where are all the veterinary nurses? Is there a need for another training option?

Laura Kidd, a qualified veterinary surgeon, is an educational consultant and tutors on a post-graduate VN qualification, as well as teaching clinical skills to veterinary students.

Each year the actual number of veterinary nurses (VNs) in the UK increases (RCVS, 2014) yet, anecdotally, there seem to be insufficient veterinary nurses to meet demand….

Are we animal welfare advocates or profit-seekers?

David Main is Professor of Animal Welfare at Bristol Veterinary School. His research interests are focused on the assessment and improvement of welfare in farm and companion animal species…

The recent survey reported by RCVS shows that the public place a high degree of trust in the veterinary profession. Despite this encouraging assessment I will argue in this article that the profession should work harder to deliver on a societal expectation for us to be animal welfare advocates and that it ought to introduce safeguards…

Could we work collaboratively with those we think of as competitors?

Erwin Hohn and Adi Nell are both Senior Partners at Medivet. Erwin has a postgraduate degree in sociology and an MBA. Adi has advanced clinical qualifications and has recently completed MBA studies.

What’s coming?
None of us knows what the future will bring. There’s been much written in the vet press and many meetings have been held to look at the challenges we face. Major issues included work-life balance and financial viability, the rise of corporates and feminisation in the profession, as well as standards of care…

Does a business approach to veterinary practice management damage the profession’s reputation for care and compassion?

John Sheridan was President of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (1974-1975) and first President of the Veterinary Practice Management Association (1993-1996).

The list of goals identified by the first Vet Futures Group meeting included an objective that ‘practice should be less focused on margins from medicine sales’….

Will hospice care become a standard part of practice?

Kath Dyson qualified from Glasgow in 1989. She then spent several years in small animal practice…

In human healthcare, modern hospice and palliative care, pioneered here in the UK, is now mainstream, although it has taken several decades for this to happen….

We can’t change attitudes towards ethnicity and culture overnight but we must be united and forward thinking

Ethnocultural empathy is an interesting term which I am sure many of you have not come across.

By the end of this blog, one will hopefully understand why this term is important for the future of the veterinary profession…

Beyond the farm gate – Do vets have a role across the food chain?

Javier Dominguez Orive is the Food Standard Agency’s Veterinary Director and Head of Foodborne Diseases Control Unit.

We are used to seeing veterinary surgeons in their clinical role taking care of pets as well as large animals on the farm and in zoos, but can vets add value to society outside of a clinical setting?….

Should VAT on vet fees be scrapped?

Stuart Winter writes the pets, wildlife and bird watching column for the Sunday Express and is the author of the books Birdman Abroad and Tales of a Tabloid Twitcher.

Watching the shocked reactions of the elderly pensioner as she examined her veterinary bill accentuated the unfairness of our tax system in an instant….