The VN Futures Action Group was established in 2015; their remit being to establish develop a report and action plan to form the basis of future work of the project.

The Action Group included a mix of individuals involved in the training, representation, regulation, employment and management of veterinary nurses, as follows:

(position or role at the time of membership of Action Group)

  • Helen Ballantyne RN RVN
  • Liz Cox RVN, VNC Chair
  • Julie Dugmore RVN, RCVS Director of Veterinary Nursing
  • Sue Gregory MRCVS, Professor of Veterinary Nursing, Royal Veterinary College
  • Daniel Hogan RVN, Vet Futures VN lead
  • Sam Morgan RVN, BVNA President
  • Nimisha Patel RVN, BVNA student representative
  • Renay Rickard RVN, President of VPMA
  • Marie Rippingale REVN, VNC member
  • Stephanie Writer-Davies MRCVS, President of SPVS

The work of the Action Group was completed on production of the VN Futures Report and Action Plan, and following on from this, six key working groups were formed to address specific aims of the project.