Following on from the work of the Action Group, six working groups were developed to address specific aims of the project.

The current working groups, and their Chairs and Members, are listed below.

Career Progression
Belinda Andrews-Jones (VN Council)
Meghan Conroy
Liz Cox (VN Council)
Jane Davidson
Dominic Dyer (VN Council)
Louise Northway
Stephanie Writer-Davies (SPVS)
(Jill Macdonald – Project manager)

Creating a Sustainable Workforce
Stuart Ford-Fennah – Chair
Niall Connell (RCVS Council, VN Council)
Helen Farrant
Racheal Marshall (VN Council)
Matthew Rendle (VN Council)
Marie Rippingale
(Jill Macdonald – Project manager)

One Health
Becky Jones – Chair
Andrea Jeffrey (VN Council)
Hayley Kilbane
Lily Lipman (Practice Standards Scheme)
Wendy Preston (RCN)
(Jill Macdonald – Project manager)

Training Practices
Liz Cox – Chair
Lucy Bellwood (VN Council)
Jen Clark
Leslie Heaton-Smith
Samantha Morgan (BVNA)
Alison Simpson
Jane Smallwood
Stephanie Writer-Davies (SPVS)
(Jill Macdonald – Project manager)

VN Schools Council
Kathy Kissick (VN Council) – Chair
Martin Barrow
Victoria Bowes
Leslie Heaton-Smith
Susan Hooper
Laura Kidd
Samantha Morgan (BVNA)
Hilary Orpet
(Jill Macdonald – Project manager)

The Post Registration Working Group has now completed its work for the project, and has developed a Post-Registration Qualifications Framework proposal, that will be considered by the RCVS Education Committee and VN Council prior to a final decision being made.

Status recognition for veterinary nurses is also to be addressed and developed by a RCVS committee.

Post registration group
Dot Creighton (Chair)
Vicky Ford-Fennah
Stuart Ford-Fennah
Sue Gregory
Nicola Ackerman
Amy Martin
Matthew Rendle (VNC)
Barbara Cooper
Sue Howarth (VNEC)
Racheal Marshall
(Lily Lipman – Project manager)