Since the publication of the VN Futures Report and Action Plan in July 2016, a series of working groups has been set up to address the recommended actions. The membership of these groups is as follows:

Workforce group
Fiona Andrew (Chair)
Nimisha Patel (BVNA)
Helen Farrant
Matthew Rendle (VNC)
Stuart Ford-Fennah
Niall Connell
Simon Johnson (SVN)
Marie Rippingale (VNC)
Claire O’Leary (Project manager)

VN Schools Council
Mary Fraser (Chair)
Leslie Heaton-Smith
Martin Barrow (CQ)
Samantha Morgan (BVNA)
Hilary Orpet
Laura Kidd
Victoria Bowes
Susan Hooper
Julie Dugmore (Project manager)

Post registration Group
Dot Crieghton (Chair)
Vicky Ford-Fennah
Sue Gregory
Nicola Ackerman
Amy Martin
Matthew Rendle (VNC)
Barbara Cooper
Sue Howarth (VNEC)
Lily Lipman (Project Manager)

Career progression group
Renay Rickard (Chair – VPMA)
Stephanie Writer-Davies (SPVS)
Jane Davidson
Huw Stacey (Vet Futures)
Peter Robinson
Dominic Dyer (VNC)
Belinda Andrews-Jones
Julie Dugmore/Clair O’Leary (Project managers)

One health
Helen Ballantyne (Chair)
Louise O’Dwyer
Hayley Kilbane
Andrea Jeffrey (VNC)
Sue Proctor (VNC)
Wendy Preston (RCN)
Becky Jones
Lily Lipman (Project manager)

Increase TPs
Liz Cox (Chair – RVN)
Leslie Heaton-Smith
Jen Clark
Samantha Morgan (BVNA)
Jane Smallwood
Stephanie Writer-Davies (SPVS)
Lucy Bellwood (VNC)
Julie Dugmore (Project manager)